Hub Only - 12 Pack

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This "Hub Only 12 Pack" is a great solution for users in need of a large quantity of Hubs and/or users desiring to keep extra Hubs on hand.

Hubs track the activity** and location of your assets and relay this information, plus any nearby Activity Tracker's information, to the Rooster database.


  • (12) Rooster Hubs
  • (12) Flying Lead Adaptors w/ Ring Terminals & Wire Ties



  • Activity* = Acceleration >0.2g, Tilt >12o or Ignition >9.0v DC
  • -22 to +140F (-30 to 60C)
  • Water Resistant (IP66)
  • UV Resistant (ASTM G154)
  • Shock Resistant (SAE J1455)
  • Chemical Resistant (SAE J1455)


Cellular Network

  • Global Coverage is provided by the AT&T Network.
  • Coverage and service availability is not guaranteed.


Requires a compatible NFC-capable phone with free Rooster app.

  • Use requires the creation of a Rooster Account and acceptance of Terms of Use.


App Requirements

  • iOS 13.0 and newer
  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and newer


Browser Requirements

  • Current version of Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Firefox