Our Story

We were frustrated.
We needed a solution. Something to help us solve our problem and answer our questions:
What do we own?
  • Are we renting equipment that we don’t need to be?
  • Are we getting bank credit for all of our collateral?
  • Are we getting everything listed on our insurance claims?
Where is it located?
  • Are we spending a lot of time looking for things?
  • Are we hoarding tools to avoid not having what we need?
  • Are we leaving things behind?
When is it being used?
  • Are other contractors using our equipment?
  • Are we billing our customers for all that we are entitled to?
  • Are we properly allocating equipment costs to our jobs?
  • Are we doing enough preventative maintenance, or too much?
  • Are timesheets the best use of our foreman’s time?
We scoured the market; there were lots of services available, but we couldn’t find anything that would cost effectively solve our problem and answer our questions:
  • We didn’t want something complicated or fragile.
  • We didn’t want multiple systems.
  • We didn’t want our employees to have to scan, or do, anything.
  • We didn’t want to rely on an app installed on our employee’s cell phones.
  • We didn’t think that Bluetooth® would work well in our environment.
  • And we couldn’t find anything that would track activity for the small and non-powered stuff.
So, we set out to build something. Something automatic, something reliable, something tough. And above all, easy to use. We wanted a “Tool” and not a “Technology”.
Six years and a lot of technical mumbo jumbo later we have built it. A simple tool to solve our problem.
Now we are using it. All day, every day, in the real world… and it’s working. We know what we own, where it is located and when it is being used; and our business is better off because of it.
Now we figure that if it solved our problem that it might solve somebody else’s problem too.
So, we are making it available to others.

However, since this is not our core business, we do not have to make a sale, nor do we need to pester you about making one.  If you want to use it, that’s great. If you don’t that’s fine too.  We won’t bug you about it. We only want you to use this tool if it will make your life better, or easier, in some way.  

With that in mind, we have tried to make this product easy to try, easy to buy, easy to use and even easy to cancel. In other words, what we wished we had found when we were looking for a solution.
Rooster… Don’t Wonder, Know.
DM Gary Holding Company