How It Works



Rooster Hubs are robust data gateways that connect to the Cloud through a cellular network to deliver GPS location and activity data.
Rooster Activity Trackers are small, rugged devices that, once deployed, capture activity on a minute-by-minute basis, for up to 5 years.


The engineering behind Rooster is sophisticated, applying the most effective iOT principles combined with unique data handling to ensure the lowest power consumption and in turn, the lowest data cost in the industry.
Activity Trackers hold data up to 30 days and transmit that data to Rooster hubs up to ½ mile away, or through most concrete and metal to nearby Rooster Hub using a patented pairing protocol based on the LoRa® long-range networking standard and protected by more than a dozen patents issued and pending.
Rooster Hubs communicate with GPS for location and deliver data into the Cloud every 8 minutes using a CAT M1 Cellular Network. This data is immediately viewable on the Rooster desktop or mobile app.
The Rooster system also accommodates meter reading and reporting for heavy duty trucks and construction equipment making it easier to track and view telemetry, such as vehicle identification number (VIN), fuel consumption, and engine hours. Specially developed plug-and-play cables conveniently connect to host data or dedicated telematic ports, minimizing installation effort.


  • Activity Tracker Battery Life

    Activity Trackers have a battery life of up to 5 years which is achievable because of Rooster’s unique power management circuitry.
  • Tracker Heartbeat

    Activity Trackers use a heartbeat sent to the system when equipment is mostly inactive.
  • Near Field Communication

    Devices utilize an NFC interface to maximize durability and ingress protection.
  • Certified Durability Ratings

    Rooster Hubs and Activity Trackers have certified IP ratings for Dust, Moisture, Shock, Chemical, and UV Protection.
  • Shake-And-Wake Design

    Activity Trackers feature a "sleep mode" that reduces data handling and conserves battery life.
  • FCC Compliant

    All Rooster hardware is FCC compliant through MET Labs for US and Canada, with NOM for Mexico and CE for Europe imminent.