Activity Tracker - 50 Pack

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SKU: 100-00230

This "Activity Tracker 50 Pack" is a great solution for users in need of a medium quantity of Activity Trackers and/or users desiring to keep extra Trackers on hand.

Activity Trackers track the activity** of your assets and transmit this information to nearby Hubs.


  • (50) Activity Trackers
  • (50) 3M-VHBTM Adhesive Tape Discs​



  • Activity* = Acceleration >0.2g or Tilt >12o
  • 2+ Year Battery Life 
  • -22 to +140F (-30 to 60C)
  • Water Resistant (IP67)
  • UV Resistant (ASTM G154)
  • Shock Resistant (SAE J1455)
  • Chemical Resistant (SAE J1455)