Photograph of circular 3M tape
A Rooster® Asset Tracker attached to equipment

3M VHB Tape 10 Pack

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SKU: 097-00586

Use 3M VHBTM (Very High Bond) Adhesive Tape Discs to adhere Trackers to assets or magnets.
 *** 3M VHBTM Tape is included with all Activity Trackers.



  • (10) 3M VHBTM Double-Sided Adhesive Tape Disks



  • 2 in (50.8 mm) Diameter x 0.062 in (1.6 mm) Thick
  • ASTM D897 Tensile Strenghth of 80 lb/in2 


Application Requirements

  • Clean Bonding Surfaces
  • Minimum Application Temperature of +60F (15C)